Kids coaching kids for over 60 years: in Fairfax County, Virginia

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How does Fall ball differ from the Spring Season?

During Fall Ball, the three Fairfax Little Leagues combine to field teams for the T-ball through Seniors levels.  Player evaluations or try-outs are NOT held in the Fall.  Managers draft players for AA and above based on the age, prior level and player stats from the Spring season. Fall is considered developmental so the emphasis is on practice and skill development.  Scores and standings are not kept.

Practices start in mid to late August and games run from September to the end of October.  Similar to Spring, AA and above teams play two games per week, one on a week night and one on Saturday.  Single A and T-ball only play one game per week on Saturdays.  Teams generally practice once a week also. 

All levels but Seniors use a continuous batting order and all games are subject to time limits (Minors - no inning will begin later than 1 hour and 50 minutes after the scheduled start time for the game; Majors and above -- no inning will begin later than 2 hours after the scheduled start time for the game). 

Players who were League Age 12 in the Spring play at the Juniors level in the Fall to gain exposure to playing on the 90 foot field.

Registration fees are lower because the cost of raffle tickets is not included (no raffle in the Fall).