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Fairfax Little League consists of two separate divisions: "Fairfax American" and "Fairfax National" and each has its own boundary.

In order for players league age 12 or under to qualify for participation within either division you must either live within or attend a school which is within its boundary or must have a waiver to participate.

Click this link: Boundary Maps to see the respective boundary maps to determine whether your home address lies within the American or National division boundary.


Determining which level to register for:

If you do not already know it, use the following link to determine your players "League Age:" League Age Calculator

Use this age and consider the last level played and their ability as you read the descriptions of each division below to determine which level to register your player for.

The need to maintain increased social distancing between players and between coaches and players creates difficulty with providing safe instruction, particularly to our youngest players.

The Fairfax Little League Board of Directors has therefore made the difficult decision NOT to offer T-ball or Coach Toss for the Fall 2020 season, and to limit participation in Rookie and Single A to those players who are league age 7 or older.


Registration Fees:


Base Registration

County & City Fees

Early Bird Discount *

Total During Discount Period

Total Regular Registration Fee

Tee-Ball &

Coach Toss






Rookie & Single A






AA, AAA & Majors






Intermediate, Juniors & Seniors













* Early Bird Registration Discount:

Due to the fact that we are opening our Fall registration later than usual this year, we will not be offerine Early Bird discounts or assessing Late Fees.

Multi-player discount:

If you have siblings (brothers and/or sisters) participating in Fairfax Little League you will get a discount of $25 for the 2nd and each subsequent player. You must register all siblings during the same session on the web site to get the multi-player discount.


Registration fees can be waived for a player if they meet one of several conditions. Please go to the Scholarship Information page before completing registration to learn more about obtaining a scholarship.

How to pay by check:

Credit Card payments are preferred, however if you need to pay by check contact .

Late Fee:

Due to the fact that we are opening our Fall registration later than usual this year, we will not be offerine Early Bird discounts or assessing Late Fees.


If you need to request a refund contact us at . Refunds are unlikely to be approved after uniforms have been distributed to the teams or the season has started absent special circumstances.

  • A $10.00 charge will apply to all requested refunds to cover credit card and associated processing fees.

2020 Fall Seniors (90' field) - league age 15-16

Seniors is for league age 15 and 16 year old players. Seniors is played on a 90 foot field, the same as high school, college, and professional baseball.

  • It is highly recommended that only players league age 14 who are also in 9th grade or higher play Seniors to be with their classmates. All other league age 14 players should play Juniors.

  • Selection on a Seniors team is made through the draft system.

  • Players league age 14 and younger not drafted to a Seniors team will enter the Juniors draft.

Base Cost: $240.00

Opened: 07/01/2020
Closes: 10/01/2020

Open to: Boys & Girls
born between: 09/01/2003 and 08/31/2007

2020 Fall Challenger

Challenger : is for kids and adults “league age” 5 years old and older that have any special need(s) that precludes them from participating in a mainstream Little League program. Challenger games are played on Sunday afternoons and are played at Chilcott Stadium in Fairfax City.

  • Players league age 5 to 14 will play in the Little League Challenger Division.
  • Players league age 15 to 18 have the option to play in either the Little League Challenger Division or the Senior League Challenger Division.
  • Players league age 19 or older will play in the Senior League Challenger Division. There is no longer a maximum age limit in Challenger

Base Cost: $25.00

Opened: 07/01/2020
Closes: 10/15/2020

Open to: Boys & Girls
born between: 05/01/1918 and 08/31/2015