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When are Tournaments usually held?


End of season Division level League-based tournaments usually run for one week.   In the Spring, this tend to be around the first two weeks of June.  In the Fall, this tends to be the last week in October.  All players participate in these Spring and Fall season ending tournaments with their Division team.

Spring season players qualify for selection to District 10 (American Majors, National Majors, Juniors & Seniors) Tournament teams. The Players represent Fairfax Little Leagues and compete against neighboring Little Leagues.  These games run from mid-June to mid-July depending on the team’s success.  District 10 Tournament team members are announced around June 1st with practices beginning immediately and may involve a practice or game almost every day of the week while the team is in tournament play.   Teams that win District 10 can advance to State Tournaments, Regional Tournaments and even the Little League World Series ! 

Fairfax Little League will also select Minor League players (AA, AAA players league age 8-11) for 2 Minor (8-9, 9-11) Tournament teams. The Minors District 10 Tournament runs in Mid June and ends with the District 10 Championship.  The Commitment level is less intense and can be a lot of fun for those players not yet playing at the Majors Level or above. 

Minor League players can be selected to play on Major Tournament teams, as sometimes there are not enough players at the Majors level to fill a team.